Selected Publications

  • Zhou, Z., Yip, H. M., Tsimring, K., Sur, M., Ip, J. P. K.#, & Tin, C#. (2023). Effective and efficient neural networks for spike inference from in vivo calcium imaging. Cell Reports Methods. Click here
    • #Co-correspondence
  • Guan, M., Chai, Y., Yi, R., Chen, Y., Ip, J. P. K., Ye, T., & Chen, Y. (2023). Generation of a homozygous ABCA7-knockout human iPSC line using the CRISPR/Cas9 system. Stem Cell Research, 66, 103000–. Click here
  • Li, X., Chen, S.-C., & Ip, J. P. K. (2022). Diverse and Composite Roles of miRNA in Non-Neuronal Cells and Neuronal Synapses in Alzheimer’s Disease. Biomolecules (Basel, Switzerland), 12(10), 1505–. Click here
  • Yildirim, M., Delepine, C., Feldman, D., Pham, V. A., Chou, S., Ip, J., Nott, A., Tsai, L.-H., Ming, G.-L., So, P. T., & Sur, M. (2022). Label-free three-photon imaging of intact human cerebral organoids for tracking early events in brain development and deficits in Rett syndrome. eLife, 11. Click here
  • Chow, C. F. W., Guo, X., Asthana, P., Zhang, S., Wong, S. K. K., Fallah, S., Che, S., Gurung, S., Wang, Z., Lee, K. B., Ge, X., Yuan, S., Xu, H., Ip, J. P. K., Jiang, Z., Zhai, L., Wu, J., Zhang, Y., Mahato, A. K., … Wong, H. L. X. (2022). Body weight regulation via MT1-MMP-mediated cleavage of GFRAL. Nature Metabolism, 4(2), 203–212. Click here
  • Jenks, K. R., Tsimring, K., Ip, J. P. K., Zepeda, J. C., & Sur, M. (2021). Heterosynaptic Plasticity and the Experience-Dependent Refinement of Developing Neuronal Circuits. Frontiers in Neural Circuits15, 803401–803401. Click here
  • Jin L., Sullivan H. A., Zhu M., Lavin T. K., Matsuyama M., Lea N.E., Xu R., Hou Y., Rutigliani L., Pruner M., Babcock K., Ip J.P., Hu M., Daigle T., Zeng H., Sur M., Wickersham I.R. (2021). Long-term labeling and imaging of neuronal networks in vivo using nontoxic, double-deletion-mutant rabies viruses. bioRxiv. 12.04.471186. Click here

Before 2020

  • Su, Y.T., Lau, S.F., Ip, J.P., Cheung, K., Cheung, T.H.T., Fu, A.K.Y., Ip, N.Y. α2-Chimaerin is essential for neural stem cell homeostasis in mouse adult neurogenesis. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 2019, Jul 2; 116(27):13651-13660 Click here
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  • Ip, J.P.*, Nagakura, I.*, Petravicz, J., Li,K., Wiemer, E.A.C., Sur, M. “Major vault protein, a candidate gene in 16p11.2 microdeletion syndrome, is required for the homeostatic regulation of visual cortical plasticity” Journal of Neuroscience, 2018, Apr 18;38(16):3890-3900. Click here
  • Ip, J.P., Mellios, N., Sur, M “Rett Syndrome: genetic, molecular and functional insights into multi-stage dysfunction” Nature Review Neuroscience, 2018, Jun; 19(6): 368-382. Review. Click here
  • Mellios, N.*, Feldman, D.*, Sheridan, S.D.*, Ip, J.P.*, Kwok, S., Amoah, S.K., Rosen, B., Rodriguez, B.A., Crawford, B., Swaminathan, R., Chou, S., Li, L., Ziats, M., Ernst, C., Jaenisch, R., Haggarty, S., Sur, M. “MeCP2-regulated miRNAs control early human neurogenesis through differential effects on ERK and AKT signaling” Molecular Psychiatry, 2018, Apr;23(4):1051-1065. Click here
    • *Equal contribution
    • Featured image: Human cerebral organoids reveal deficits in neurogenesis and neuronal migration in MeCP2-deficient neural progenitors. Molecular Psychiatry. 2018 Apr; 23(4):791. Click here
  • Ye, T., Ip, J.P., Fu, A.K., Ip, N.Y. “Cdk5-mediated phosphorylation of RapGEF2 controls neuronal migration in the developing cerebral cortex” Nature Communications, 2014,5; 5: 4826 Click here
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    • *Equal contribution
  • Fang, W. Q., Ip, J. P., Li, R., Ng, Y. P., Lin, S. C., Chen, Y., Fu, A. K., Ip, N. Y. “Cdk5-mediated phosphorylation of axin directs axon formation during cerebral cortex development” Journal of Neuroscience, 2011, 31 (38) 13613-24 Click here
  • Farghaian, H., Chen, Y., Fu, A. W., Fu, A. K., Ip, J. P., Ip, N. Y., Turnley, A. M., Cole, A. R. Scapinin-induced inhibition of axon elongation is attenuated by phosphorylation and translocation to the cytoplasm” J Biol Chem, 2011, 286 (22) 19724-34 Click here